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Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesives

Momentive Performance Materials developed its family of SilCool thermally conductive adhesives to help deliver thin bond lines, which contribute to low thermal resistance while providing excellent adhesion and reliability. This series of heat-cured adhesives excel in thermal interface applications that demand good structural adhesion. Examples include spreaders and heat generators.

Additional thermal adhesives from Momentive offer the process convenience of 1-Part condensation cure with moderate heat dissipation. Target applications include board assemblies and sealants in power modules and sensors.

SilCool* Silicone Adhesive - Addition Cure

The SilCool series silicone adhesives from Momentive Performance Materials offer 1-Part, heat curable materials that bond well to a wide variety of substrates without the need for primers. They help deliver outstanding thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, excellent dielectric properties, and low stress. SilCool adhesives are excellent candidates for addressing the heat management challenges arising from the higher frequencies, power, and miniaturization in today’s electronic devices. Designed to efficiently conduct heat, these materials are valuable additions to semiconductor packages that incorporate heat-generating chips, heat spreaders, and heat sinks.

Key Features

  • Highly workable – excels in automated dispensing, screen printing, and stamping applications
  • Fast cure & good adhesion
  • High thermal conductivity


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