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Thermally Conductive Encapsulants

Momentive Performance Materials offers a variety of heat or room temperature cure, thermally conductive encapsulants that help remove heat from critical components. This selection of grades cures to form a soft rubber, gel matetrial, and consists of low-viscosity grades for potting applications, as well as grades with moderate viscosities that provide the necessary dispense stability for bead formulation. This category of thermal products also includes grades that can be considered for use as gap fillers or as liquid-dispensed alternatives to thermal pads.

Thermal Silicone Encapsulants

Momentive Performance Materials’ silicone encapsulants deliver thermal conductive performance, contributing to the long-term reliability of heat-generating electronic components.

These thermal products cure to a soft rubber, gel material, and include low viscosity grades that can be used for potting applications, and higher viscosity grades that exhibit dispensing stability needed for bead formulation. Some products are also candidates as gap fillers or liquid-dispensed alternatives to thermal pads.

Product variance:

TIA130G; TIA221G; TIA216G


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