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> JACKSON SAFETY* WH30 Welding Helmet

Code: J80270

A strong, lightweight black welding helmet with 4/9-13 ADF (Auto-Darkening Filter) and external controls for shade, light sensitivity and delay, plus protective lens securely held by screw-fix retainer.

A range of CE-marked helmets and face shields that conform to EU Directive 89/686/EEC to protect against hazards and get the job done safely and help reduce costs.


Jackson Safety* WH30 Welding Helmet Black 4/9-13 EXT/TN ADF ideal for:

  • Professional welders who need various filter options to help reduce different welding and torch cutting risks, in demanding high-productivity environments
  • Protecting eyes and face while partially protecting the head
  • Extending usability, with adjustable external shade control option.


Spare parts are available.