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In order to fulfill the need of Indonesia market, Ekasurya Inout Indonesia in partnership with Axalta Coating System specially created Nason® 2K DTM Primer, a fully integrated offer of Primers, Activators and Thinners.

  • A ready to use 3 in 1 industrial coating system of Primer, Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Available in variety of colours
  • Affordable price

It definitely save your preparation time and will eventually save your production cost. Ask us how?

Perfect for all of your industrial coating purposes such as coating buses, trains, tractors, machinery, trucks, trailers or steel structures, pipes, generator, pump, container, or anywhere you want. Nason® Industrial will successfully meet the needs of the coatings application. The performance and ease of use will ensure that Nason® Industrial remains your first choice.


Features and Benefits using Nason® Industrial coating system: